Tour of Champions Rules and Regulations

Please make yourself familiar with all rules & regulations presented herein. We do not make exceptions to any rules for anyone, for any reason!

Changes for the 2018 Season are made in red.

    Membership is not required to compete in any Tour of Champions event, but is required to earn points towards series awards. Memberships will be accepted throughout the show weekend, but must be paid in full ($25) prior to the end of a Tour Stop. Membership fees not to exceed $75 per immediate family living in the same household.

Dress Code & Fines
    Dress code will be enforced. All contestants are required to wear long sleeved or collared shirt, long pants, a cowboy hat and boots with heel when competing. Contestant may choose to compete in an official 2018 TOC shirt and TOC hat. TOC Finals are FULL DRESS long sleeved, button down, collared shirt and hat official TOC shirts will not be accepted. There will be a $10 hat fine for any hats lost during a run. Failure to comply with dress code will result in disqualification. TOC recommends, but does not require, ASTM approved helmets for all Youth riders.

Circling Barrels
    If a contestant goes off course, the pattern may be completed without penalty. However, there is a $10 fine for circling a barrel more than once during a competition run.

Alleyway Rules
    Only one horse may be in the arena. A contestant may have someone over the age of 18 help him/her into the arena on foot or horseback, but they must be out of the alleyway before the contestant turns the 2nd barrel or the contestant will receive a $10 fine.

Rider/Horse Substitution
    You can substitute a horse, but it must be submitted to the office, in writing, at least (1) one hour prior to show start time. There will be a change book available at the office only. No rider substitutions will be allowed.

Pre-Entry Draw
    We will do our best to accommodate all NECESSARY requests. There will be no changing or switching draw positions after draw is done.

Late Draw
    Late entries will be accepted and will be CASH ONLY on-site and will be taken until the first fifty horses run for Open. Futurity, Derby, Novice and Youthentries close when the first horse runs in that class. There will be a $10 late fee per person, per day entered. For example, if you enter both Saturday and Sunday, you will pay $20. If you enter Saturday or Sunday only, you will pay $10. Late draw will be posted (1) one hour after entries close. NO late fees for Friday night warm-up jackpot.

Negative Coggins
    Negative coggins are required and will be checked at each event.

    1. WBRL: Is a side pot open to all riders competing in an Open class. Entry fee is per day - a rider may enter one or all three days. Payout split is 75/25. Please visit World Barrel Racing League for more information. WBRL will be paid in a 3D format.

    2. Adult: Is open to anyone aged 19-44 as of January 1st, 2017. The Adult class is a side pot class and will use a roll-over time from Saturday Open, and will be paid out in a 3D format.

    3. Senior: Is open to anyone age 45 and up as of January 1st, 2017. The Senior class is a side pot class and will use a roll-over time from Saturday Open, and will be paid out in 3D format.

    4. Youth: Is open to anyone age 18 and under as of January 1st, 2017. The Youth class will run after Saturday Open. Youth riders may request to roll-over time from Saturday Open. Youth will be paid in a 3D format.

    5. Futurity: Is open to any horse born 2013 or 2014 which has not been entered in any barrel race prior to December 1, 2017. Please see WPRA Rules for full Futurity eligibility requirements. Futurity riders may request to roll-over time to Saturday Open. Futurity will be paid in a 2D format.

    6. Derby: All Derby entries must be horses 7 years old and younger, as long as they did not compete in futurities as a 4 year old. Please see WPRA Rules for full Derby eligibility requirements. Derby riders may request to roll-over time to Saturday Open. Derby will be paid in a 2D format.

    7. Novice Horse: Is open to any horse which has not won in a particular type of race prior to the start of the current season, and may only run in (1) one TOC season. The Novice Horse class will run after Saturday Open. Novice Horse riders may request to roll-over time from Saturday Open. Novice Horse will be paid in a 2D format.

    8. Open: This class is open to any horse or any rider of any age or breed. An Open horse can only be run one time in the Open class. The horse CANNOT be rode by different riders in the same class. An exception to this rule will be made for (1) one immediate family member to also compete on a same horse. However, only one rider may earn points, and it must be designated at time of entry. Horse can run in Open and Youth. Open will be paid in a 4D format.

    9. Average: All Open riders competing in both Saturday and Sunday Open may choose to compete for an Average payout. Average will be paid in a 4D format.

Vet Out/Draw Out
    A refund will be granted to all contestants regardless of reason, less a $25 per horse service fee, as long as the draw out form is filled out and returned to the office no later than 6pm the Thursday of the event weekend. Refunds will be mailed out within (2) two weeks after the event.

No Times
    A No Time will be given for any of the following reasons:

    1. If a contestant misses the barrel pattern or stops forward motion.
    2. If a contestant runs out of turn. This includes running the wrong horse in the wrong spot if running multiple horses.
    3. If a contestant knocks a barrel down. Touching to keep a barrel up is allowed.
    4. If the contestant's horse falls during a run and breaks the pattern, or if the rider falls off the horse after the horse is in forward motion.
    5. If the contestant is not able to get his/her horse into the arena within a (3) three minute time limit. This rule will be enforced at the discretion of the announcer.
    6. If the contestant circles his/her horse in the arena after the timers are broken.

    If any contestants' times are tied, the prize money will be added together and split equally. Any ties for awards will be determined by a run-off. A contestant may choose to opt out, but will automatically forfeit award.

Returned Checks
    There is a $35 NSF fee on all returned checks. If the check is not made good within (30) thirty days of the event, the contestant will be banned from all future Tour of Champions events, and SEFBR will be forced to take action.

Horses Must Be Stalled
    All horses on the grounds must have a stall if staying overnight. There will be NO TIE-OUTS. There will be a $25 fine for any horse tied-out and contestant will be disqualified. There will be either a haul-in or a grounds fee for any horse not stalled and not staying overnight. This fee will vary by arena.

RV Sites/Hook-Ups
    RV/Living Quarter parking will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Fees will vary by arena, and will be listed on the info page for a particular Tour Stop.

Leash Required for All Dogs
    All dogs must be on a leash at all times. There will be a $25 fine for anyone found breaking this rule.

    There will be no selling of any type of merchandise or professional services anywhere on the grounds without prior arrangements being made with the Tour of Champions. Vendor fees will vary by arena.

    Re-runs will be granted if the official timer and back-up timer fails, unless a barrel has been knocked over resulting in a NO TIME. A re-run will also be granted if the barrels are not placed on the correct markers. No re-runs will be granted for tack malfunctions.

Series Points & Awards
    Points for the series (four shows and a finals) will be awarded on a one horse/one rider combination. You may earn points on multiple horses. Horse substitutions in regards to points will be allowed in the following instances: injury with letter from vet (Vet release must be from certified vet only; chiropractors, etc are not acceptable), death of horse, sale of horse (with proof of sale). To be eligible for Series Awards, a rider MUST attend a minimum of one Tour Stop AND the Final Stop, and be in good standing with SEFBR and any affiliate organizations.

    Points will be awarded per division as follows:

      1. 100pts
      2. 90pts
      3. 80pts
      4. 70pts
      5. 60pts
      6. 50pts
      7. 40pts
      8. 30pts
      9. 20pts
      10. 10pts

    Finals will award double points.

    End of series winners will be awarded as follows:

    • Adult: 1st place in each division
    • Senior: 1st place in each division
    • Youth: Top three in each division
    • Futurity: 1st place in each division
    • Derby: 1st place in each division
    • Novice: 1st place in each division
    • Open: Top three in each division

Photos & Videos
    All participants (all those on grounds) may be photographed and videoed for promotional purposes.

    All persons on the grounds are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. No inhumane behavior towards any animal at a Tour of Champions event will be tolerated. You will be asked to leave the event immediately. Foul language, misconduct or abusive comments spoken to any contestant, spectator, staff, members or arena personnel will results in immediate disqualification and you will be asked to leave the show. No refunds will be given.

Rule Changes
    Tour of Champions reserves the right to add or modify any existing rules. Such changes, if made, will be announced on our website and our Facebook page, as well as posted along with draws for maximum coverage.

EquiStat Reporting
    We will be reporting all results to EquiStat. As such, contestants must provide registered names (if available) for horses when entering. Grade/unregistered horses must have the real name listed and may not be given a generic name. This helps to prevent position/ground manipulation as well.

    All payouts will consist of a 70/30 split plus 100% of advertised added money. If more places pay for a particular division than there are riders placed, remaining money for that division will be split equally between riders placed. Please consult show flyer to determine a particular class's format and added money. Payout tables for each format are as follows:

    2D/3D Format1-1011-1516-3031-6061-90
    1st100% 60%50%40%30%
    4th...... 10%15%

    2D/3D Format Cont...91-120121-150151-180181-210211+
    1st28% 26%24%22%20%
    4th14%12%12% 12%11%
    Total 2D purse money to be divided as follows: 1D - 60%; 3D - 40%
    Total 3D purse money to be divided as follows: 1D - 50%; 2D - 30%; 3D - 20%

    4D Format1-1213-2021-4041-8081-120
    1st100% 60%50%40%30%
    4th...... 10%15%

    4D Format Cont...121-160161-200201+
    1st28% 26%24%
    Total 4D purse money to be divided as follows: 1D - 35%; 2D - 30%; 3D - 20%; 4D - 15%

Event Cancellation
    Tour of Champions reserves the right to cancel or postpone any event due to a natural or manmade disaster, or if the price of diesel rises above $5.00/gallon. Cancelled shows will be refunded. If an event is postponed we will reschedule it for a later date.

All Other Instances
    Where there is no rule defined here to cover a particular circumstance, NBHA rules will be followed.

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